Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a week:)

I haven't posted lately, so I figured I would. This one might be a little long.

I've been in the gym some this week:) Proud of myself. I've been doing 1-1 1/2 miles on the treadmill. Just walking and setting the incline at 10 and moving down (something my trainer use to do with me). Well on Tuesday I did 2.68 miles. I was so proud of myself. On that note I've lost 3 pounds this week. GO ME!

Went to my first ever Pampered Chef party and won a door prize. How awesome is that:)

We had two field trips this week with school. Both kids had a blast. Natalie had a assembly yesterday in which she got an award. GO NATTY!

Grocery shopping this week ROCKED! I scored some diapers at Target for $3.99 a pack, and managed to get $5 gift cards also. I've decided that I'm taking all the gift cards I get from Target and putting them in and envelope and marking it Christmas. Just throw them in there all year long and then when Christmas time rolls around, I can use the Target cards to buy gifts. Stocked up on diapers and pull ups (seeing how two of mine wear pull ups to bed). Oh and wipes. I could stack coupons on wipes also and ended up getting them for $3.74 a 3 pack refill. Not bad since they are normally $5-$6.

My best shopping trip was at Kroger. They are having their Mega sales event (I love when they have these). I got $611.78 (I about hit the floor when I saw that total) worth of groceries for only $213.91. I saved $397.87 or 65%. I got tons of stuff for school lunches, snackes, main dish stuff, and dinner sides. Even managed to get more paper towels and TP (not that I needed either, but stock, stock, stock).

We are snowed in today! Thank goodness I got groceries yesterday:)

Been slacking some on my 15 minutes cleaning challenges this week, but got back into it this morning. This really works, I just need to get everyone else doing them.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

CVS Deal

Ok so I hadn't ever really thought about posting about my grocery/drug store deals until now. My mom mentioned I should blog it. I figured what the heck.
This is the best CVS deal I've ever gotten!

This is what .75 cents bought me

Huggies 40 count pack of diapers ($15)
Cottonelle 42 count flushable wipes ($2)
Cottonelle 12 pack TP ($6.49)
Kotex 40 count ($6)
1 pack of gum ($1.19)
1 pack gum ($1.19)

I used
$1 coupon on the Huggies
$1 coupon on the TP and wipes together
$1 on the Kotex
$2 ECB
$2 ECB
$3 ECB
$5 ECB
$11.99 ECB
$4.88 ECB (this was actually a $4.99 one, but since I was already at owing $0 they could only give it to me for $4.88)

Shelf cost was $43.69
I paid .75 cents
Saving $ 42.94 or 98.2%

I only had to pay tax!

Also I got a $10 ECB at the end of the deal, so really they paid me $9.25 to shop at their store:)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

July goals

I've decided to sit down at the start of each month and write down goals for the month. I've typed them up and going to post them around the house (dh is going to love that). Here they are:

I will weigh 179 by July 31st!

Add more cardio to my routine!

Get to the gym 1 more day a week other than Tuesday & Thursday (days I meet my trainer)

Walk everyday for 3-4 miles!

Friday, June 6, 2008


I was just sitting here looking at some numbers. I'm sort of in "wow" shock right now. I've lost 19.4 pounds since Jan 1st.I've lost 38 of the 50 pounds I gain while pregnant with Addison.I'm only 12.8 pounds away from weighing what I weighed before getting pregnant with Addison.I'm only 9.8 pounds away from my June 22nd goal. While I don't see me losing 9.8 pounds by June 22, it still feels good to see me at 9.8 pounds instead of 12 pounds away. Which is where I was June 1st.I just feel so good right now that I had to share!

Friday, April 11, 2008

On my way to a new me

Jan 1st I started Weight Watchers. Feb 4th I met with a personal trainer and he started me out in the right direction of what weight machines to use etc. Feb 19th I decided to join a class just for women at my local YMCA called "Fit Chicks". I was measured, weighed, and started a circuit training class. With the "Fit Chicks" class I gained a personal trainer, and while she kicks my butt I love her! She's awesome! She pushes me when I need to be pushed, she listens when I need someone to talk to and offers advice. She wonderful! I have also gotten a friend that I work out with from time to time. Although now I think she's really into it since seeing results.
I've lost 15 pounds since January and I feel great! I've dropped to clothes sizes in pants. I see changes in my body every time I turn around. It's just an amazing feeling. Now instead of saying I can't find time to work out, I'm a mom to 4 and have an in home daycare etc, I make sure I find time to work out. I look at it as an appointment that I can't miss. I enjoy the time I spend working out. It's an hour or more of me time.
I take care of my children, other people's children, my hubby and my house. It's time I took care of myself!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


What a great way to start off 2008 Blog!

I'm in a crappy mood today. I have to give a little history here before I can explain why I'm in such a crappy mood.

I had a miscarriage in December 2007. Granted it wasn't a planned pregnancy, but as time went on I got excited about it. I was really hurt by the miscarriage. Yesterday a friend tells me his wife is expecting. It just crushed me. I'm happy for them, but it just hurts. I have a battle almost daily of wanting to loose weight and wanting to be pregnant.

Part of me really wants to be pregnant now. While hubby and I have agreed to have more children he wants to wait a year or so. I have days that I just don't want to wait, and days that I think to myself...ok it's just a year.

I really want to loose weight. It's just such a fight. I have no support. Hubby likes me the way I am and offers no support on the weight loss front. He even makes jokes about him being on a diet. It really pisses me off, but he doesn't seem to mine.

I just don't know what I want or what to do.